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No company for old men (and women)

I somehow missed an essay called No Country for Old Men (and Women) by Steve Grubbs, about agism in the media, especially as companies seek “synergies and cost savings” after they merge (good-bye Time Inc.!)  Chillingly, he writes about running into “a senior executive at a major media company who indicated she ‘had maybe two years left.’ She is in her early 50’s.”

As factors, he cites the pressures imposed by Wall Street when media companies miss their earnings’ mark. But fair enough, as this pressure is a byproduct of being a publicly held company, yeah? More on the mark, specifically for media sellers, is the death of relationship selling, thanks to programmatic ad buying.

N.B.: Ageism is also true on the creative side, per this post.

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Merrie on HuffPost


Happy to say the Merrie post was picked up by HuffPost.

Funny, being published was such an ordinary thing for me back in my “magazine days.” My words and name in print for a month, then all was recycled. Being published online is both more obscure but also more permanent. Most of us have learned the hard way that it’s impossible to scrub clean the words and images we post in haste, in error, by mistake. You remove them, only to see them pop up again like Suess’ Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Hear that, Caroline?