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Just heard this word describing someone.

Wordy: hyper-articulate, a moderator of the proceedings, and a wall of sound who often offers text and subtext in a self-referential and nearly always self-reverential way. Now that was wordy!

That someone was actually a character on a Netflix series and the heroine chides him for talking too much (they’re in bed at the time). The smarty-pants characters in “well-written” television series are wordy in this way—Olivia Pope and her gladiators; the law students learning “How to Get Away With Murder.” I say “well-written” because these shows are characterized as such but I think “over written” is closer to the mark.

When I am nervous I often get wordy, and then I say to myself “stop talking Diane” and then I shut right up. Awkward and wordy, a bad combination.

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Asked and answered

This is what press secretaries say when reporters repeat questions — usually because the press secretary has declined comment. I would like to say this when family members with failing memories pepper me with the same questions usually about logistics, what my children are doing and the status of a divorce affecting a sibling. But I won’t.

where I get my information about press secretaries

where I get my information about press secretaries

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