the past

Past trips


My mother keeps a diary of sorts, typing up a sheet most years of the events of the past 12 months. A cross between an analog blog and one of those Christmas letters people send to brag about their children and vacations and whatnot. She calls the folder Past Trips and it contains these pages, dated back to the 1970s. It’s even-handed to a fault. For example, her own divorce merited a sentence, as did a dinner at a noteworthy restaurant. Birth of a grandchild = 2 sentences, sometimes awarded with an exclamation mark (“What a surprise! A boy in the family!” announced Oliver’s birth) All of her daughters looked either “beautiful” or “great” on their wedding days, as well as “happy.” I looked great, in case you were wondering.

articles of faith writing

A noble life

This book from Lily and, along with Anne Lamott’s Small Victories, I am inspired to write again, after a long dormant spell. The change of scenery helped as well — a week in the desert with views like this every day: 

Here is what I wrote poolside at the Desert Hot Springs Spa, courtesy of Lamott and triggering a vow from me to leave them behind: Resentments are wire-monkey mothers, something to hang onto because we believe we have — or deserve — nothing better.