Does everyone do this? Anyone out there? I have a big decision to make about my job. In truth, and as is my way, I’ve been circling around this decision for a year, waiting for the “right time.” Waiting for a sign. Waiting for the “now.” Waiting for someone to make it for me: fire me, promote me.

Today might be the day. So here is what I read in my horoscope this morning, from Lenny Letter (so you know it’s true).

Although it can be scary at first, it can be very refreshing to be reminded that the world is much bigger than you: whether that means it is bigger than your plans and ideas for yourself, wider than your beliefs about life, or stranger than what you thought was supposed to happen. Keep following the path of the big, wide, and strange wherever it leads you this month.


widow maker

Excerpting from my horoscope I learn:

At 9 degrees of Libra we find a Fixed Star called Vindemiatrix, which traditional astrology calls the Widow Maker. This star is considered unfortunate or mischievous and is associated also with falsity and stealing. Beware alarmism – if you have a planet or angle at 9 degrees of Libra this does not mean that you are about to be bereaved or burgled! As always think symbolically. 

Love the notion of a Fixed Star (hence initial caps) and even more a Widow Maker. Not sure I can honor the call to avoid alarmism. I think this is a perfect time to feel alarmed.