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No broughtupsy to be found


Best piece of writing about KAC I’ve read, taking her to task for acting like a 10-year-old, far as I can see: feet on the couch, knees all splayed, playing with her phone. Says Awesomely Luvvie: “This woman ain’t got no home training. Not a piece of broughtupsy to be found. Does she have on shoes? That couch looks like it stains easily and I don’t know where her feet have been and what she’s trudging in. I’m just mad for whoever has to come clean … and so much more >

social experiments

Fun social experiment

When someone inquires “how are you” tell them exactly how you’re feeling: irritable and a little drowsy. I really have to go to the bathroom! Confused as to why you’re wearing those shoes with that dress. I was fine until I happened by a TV screen showing a segment on Trump but now I feel contempt.