aging what women of a certain age look like

this is the fucking worst

Is there a word for “celebrations” of women who are aging beautifully that are actually more insulting than celebratory? Do they think they are being provocative — old women can be pretty too! — when they are really pandering and patronizing?

On Michelle Pfieffer at the age of 56:

We love that at 56 we can see her wrinkles, laugh lines and smile lines. Why are any of these signs of facial aging surprising? 

We love that we can see her expressions when she’s laughing and talking, and we love that we can see that she’s had a fun life. What makes you think that? 

Her laugh lines prove that. Oh I see.

We love that she’s aging so well, and so beautifully and all while looking wonderful. Repeat yourself much? 

She’s 56, but doesn’t look 56. Got it. 

However, she doesn’t look as if she’s trying hard to look like she’s still in her 30s or 40s either. Uh huh. 

She seems to embrace her age. Probably because of her fun life.