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Warning: The 5 Most Dangerous Women Your Husband Knows

No surprises here and if you don’t want to read it, here’s the list: colleague; ex-girlfriend; local MILF; personal trainer; babysitter.

The only news  is that this is from TheGirlfriend, a new editorial vertical from AARP for “women ages 40+ (we’re talking to you, Gen-Xers!) to convene, confab, commiserate and learn more about the ways life is affecting us right now.”

I will reserve judgment even while applauding their tastefully clickbait-y headlines, including “Do I Drink Too Much Wine?” (The short answer: maybe, but not as much as she does.) This lead me to a much-shared Quartz article about why women drink too much, aka why they are super-double tanked. It’s better. Stay tuned.




Style Guide for 50-Plus Women – Wardrobe Tips for Women Over 50 – AARP

Style Guide for 50-Plus Women – Wardrobe Tips for Women Over 50 – AARP.

Hey Captain Obvious over at the AARP: this makes me want to kill myself!

Cardigans: The best cardigan I’ve found so far is the Classic Cardigan from Merona at Target ($19.99 and up).  Really, the best?

Tank tops: Get them in white, black and cream to wear under the cardigans, jackets, blouses and sweaters. A tank top under a blouse? 

Black fitted jacket: Wear it with jeans, skirts, dresses, pants — everything. Hadn’t thought about a jacket and jeans; I should try that! 

I’m going to draft some New Year’s Resolutions for the AARP too. They could use some helpful advice from me.