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Standing in line to not have someone help you. That’s what I feel like, Shop Rite and American Airlines, at your self-service check-outs and kiosks. Why call it service at all, why not just “self” as there is no service now is there? I am also looking at you clunky SAAS platforms that Time Inc. uses so it know longer needs to employ actual service providers like HR, IT and payroll employees, and that don’t talk to each other so you have to bounce among them inputting the same data all over the place. Even worse, they don’t change the error messages from alerts such as “cell value does not match data field” — which might more helpfully be translated as “use all four numbers to enter year of birth.”

File this under “New Year Resolutions for Other People” (see post) and also “Things I Am Supposed to Like But Do Not Like All That Much.”


Things that I am supposed to like but I do not like all that much

Massages (too “handsy”)

Museums (it’s the pace of them, really, that draggy walking around only to stand still while others jockey for space around me)

Short stories (I’ve only just glommed on to who’s who when it’s over. Even worse are short story collections, where the experience repeats itself 8 or 10 or 12 times)

Articles about “content marketing” (here is where we wonder: given my career am I compelled to read them?)

Most concerts (I spend much of my time wondering how soon they will be over)

The Opera, the ballet  (as above)

Twitter (never follow @dianedico unless you like the sound of silence, then please do)

Lobster (allergic but even if I wasn’t they freak me out)

Oysters, clams, crabs (ditto, ditto, ditto)

Gardening (buggy, sweaty and isn’t always easier to go buy a carrot or whatever?)

Meditating (oh please)