dear google

Why do you take the search term “dianedico” and go directly to “dianedisco” without first asking me “did you mean dianedisco?”

Who is Diane Disco anyway? She sounds petulant in this recent tweet: Oct 26, 2011  dianedisco lmao I know, and she always asks me to borrow makeup when she goes outhypocrite much?

Diane Disco sounds like she’s having more fun than just plain dianedico but that doesn’t mean she should rank higher on your search page … hypocrite much, google?

technology the past


This was my telephone number growing up, from age 5 until my parents divorced, when I turned 21. It was the only way to get in touch with Dave, Annette, Janet, Diane, Susie (then, Susan) or Patty. If you called, someone would answer on one of 3 phones, located in the kitchen, Daddy’s office or downstairs on a pushbutton style desktop with a curly cord that was left, for whatever reason, on the orange-carpeted hallway floor that led to the “girls’ rooms.” All of those conversations (clandestine, reproving, heartspilling, babysitter-requesting) poured into the same three instruments.

If no one answered, you could not leave a message.