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This word means twilight, which is always my focus around the summer solstice. The twilight is the prolonged part of the day, it seems to me, not the morning or afternoon—it’s as if the extra daylight is tacked on from 5 pm on. This is such a lovely time: the blue sky deepens, lavenders and finally dims but so, so slowly. Last night I celebrated the actual solstice with an epic walk home, starting at the World Trade Center and walking through the Hudson River Park all the way to 97th Street. Two and a half hours, maybe five miles (nope just looked it up, 6.7 miles), with so many people doing so many things around me: jogging, doing yoga in bikinis, men boxing (a fight club?), couples smooching, kids acting crazy in a fountain, aggressive bike riding , all of it while the sun sank on the other side of the river.


I am remembering now a summer solstice long ago, back when I was a teenaged babysitter for a family whose name I am forgetting: the Smalls? They were wild cards, as employers, sometimes not coming home at all and always forgetting to have snacks or even dinner on hand. I remember sleeping on the couch, waking at dawn, still babysitting, and feeling equal parts thrilled and forlorn. Anyway, it was the summer solstice and Mr. Small, if that was his name, told me that every day after this one would be shorter. Obvious, maybe, but that made me feel forlorn as well.

Regardless, I have a category of blog posts called Holidays We Hate, but the solstice is not one of them.


Snow day

Oh the quiet and peace and ease of a snow day at home. At 7:45, when I would normally be on a train into the city or on a subway or at the gym near my office, I’m in my jammies with pillows propping me up and a velvet comforter keeping me warm as the year’s first big storm howls outside. Hygge, indeed.


A room with a view

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For everywoman who refuses to be invisible…


alyson-walsh-3-2014_04_25_pure_aw_13_shot_13_139-copy-2There’s Alyson Walsh’s blog “That’s Not My Age.” I mean look at her! She’s beautiful and cool and British. And she recently posted this photo of Lauren Hutton. I’m following her (anywhere).


Lauren Hutton for Bottega Veneta

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Makeup Free Movement, as reported by blogger Atypical60

Catherine gets real about “no makeup,” better called “some makeup” and also “lots of makeup.”

Source: Makeup Free Movement? Nope. I’m of the Make Me Up Movement!!!


the circus comes to town

Another image from my walk to work: bright circus placards on a grey November morning.

File this under “beauty everywhere” but also “things that I am supposed to like but do not like all that much.” Circuses: tacky, tawdry and surely in violation of many OSHA regulations. Dour thinking, I know, but that’s what I do think when I think of circuses. IMG_0208


Beauty Everywhere

I remind myself of this as I walk to work — 50 minutes from West 97th Street to my office in Rockefeller Center. Reminding myself not to get super-irritated by the always-blinking-hurry-up-or-you’ll-miss-it walk lights, the monotony of the so-familiar route, the thoughts of what I need to do once I get in the office. Beauty everywhere is a call to look up at the trees, so yellow right now, and to admire the architecture around Lincoln Center Plaza, and to appreciative the stalwartness of the doormen lining the avenues (good morning, they say). Today, I was rewarded with this pistachio-hued convertible piled high with Jo Malone wrapped gifts. Thank you, Jo.

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas

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