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Not a good look for you, J. Crew

Sit up!

Do your colleagues sit in their chairs like this?

I don’t object to wearing leopard-print to work, although I wonder about the word “should.” Should I? Only if I want to to!

The problem is the way this would be person-working-in-an-office is sitting, legs splayed, pubic situation tilted skyward, dreamy gaze into the middle distance. Not a good office look for women or men. Cut that out, J. Crew.

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What a doll

Naomi Osaka

What a doll

Mattel meant to honor tennis star Naomi Osaka when it released the lookalike doll. But it compounded the error that’s at heart of the Barbie franchise: plastic Naomi has twiggy arms and ankles. And she’s lighter in both body weight and skin color.

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I Am CBD Curious

I wrote a post for CoveyClub, recounting my adventures with CBD products. It’s here and thanks for reading:ishan-seefromthesky-277746-unsplash-824x1024



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