Just don’t 

There has always been fashion designed to slow women down, trip them up. Heavy bustles and hoop skirts. Binding of the feet in China, cloaking of the entire body among some followers of Islam. Whatever the stated intent — beautification, modesty — the result turns us into decor at best, captives at worst. I’ve been noticing a trend toward restrictive garments that say “don’t” in some way. A partial list:

Mules: don’t run

Kitten heels: don’t even walk

Pointy toe stillettos: don’t mind that these are, practically speaking, bunion-producing machines.

Off the shoulder tops: don’t raise your arms

Bustiers: don’t dance, better yet don’t move

Clutch purse: don’t do anything that requires two hands

Mini skirt: don’t sit

Pencil skirt: don’t eat

Body suit, jump suit: don’t even think about going to the bathroom

One thought on “Just don’t 

  1. […] Bondage as a Fashion Statement: This is not me being prudish. This is me objecting to modern-day women being restrained by their clothing. Did we not suffer enough from Chinese foot-binding and Colonial-era bustles? More on this rant here. […]

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