This is what 63 looks like

Almost disqualified because she is French (which is cheating), Isabelle Huppert was among the most self-possessed of women at the Golden Globes last Sunday. She doesn’t look “young” or even “young for her age.” Rather, she looks just right: slender, chic, the product of diligent self-care and groomed without looking calcified, which is sometimes the case with older American beauties.

Isabelle Huppert, age 63: Suits up like a boss
Isabelle Huppert, age 63: Ice queen

2 thoughts on “This is what 63 looks like

  1. Huppert actually looks more beautiful now than when she was younger. At almost 62, I’m not gonna lie. I oftentimes wish I had the face I did when I was younger but I’m fine with the way I’ve been aging! Nice post!!

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