Beauty Everywhere

I remind myself of this as I walk to work — 50 minutes from West 97th Street to my office in Rockefeller Center. Reminding myself not to get super-irritated by the always-blinking-hurry-up-or-you’ll-miss-it walk lights, the monotony of the so-familiar route, the thoughts of what I need to do once I get in the office. Beauty everywhere is a call to look up at the trees, so yellow right now, and to admire the architecture around Lincoln Center Plaza, and to appreciative the stalwartness of the doormen lining the avenues (good morning, they say). Today, I was rewarded with this pistachio-hued convertible piled high with Jo Malone wrapped gifts. Thank you, Jo.

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas

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One thought on “Beauty Everywhere

  1. […] this under “beauty everywhere” but also “things that I am supposed to like but do not like all that much.” […]

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