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Just heard this word describing someone.

Wordy: hyper-articulate, a moderator of the proceedings, and a wall of sound who often offers text and subtext in a self-referential and nearly always self-reverential way. Now that was wordy!

That someone was actually a character on a Netflix series and the heroine chides him for talking too much (they’re in bed at the time). The smarty-pants characters in “well-written” television series are wordy in this way—Olivia Pope and her gladiators; the law students learning “How to Get Away With Murder.” I say “well-written” because these shows are characterized as such but I think “over written” is closer to the mark.

When I am nervous I often get wordy, and then I say to myself “stop talking Diane” and then I shut right up. Awkward and wordy, a bad combination.

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the circus comes to town

Another image from my walk to work: bright circus placards on a grey November morning.

File this under “beauty everywhere” but also “things that I am supposed to like but do not like all that much.” Circuses: tacky, tawdry and surely in violation of many OSHA regulations. Dour thinking, I know, but that’s what I do think when I think of circuses. IMG_0208


Beauty Everywhere

I remind myself of this as I walk to work — 50 minutes from West 97th Street to my office in Rockefeller Center. Reminding myself not to get super-irritated by the always-blinking-hurry-up-or-you’ll-miss-it walk lights, the monotony of the so-familiar route, the thoughts of what I need to do once I get in the office. Beauty everywhere is a call to look up at the trees, so yellow right now, and to admire the architecture around Lincoln Center Plaza, and to appreciative the stalwartness of the doormen lining the avenues (good morning, they say). Today, I was rewarded with this pistachio-hued convertible piled high with Jo Malone wrapped gifts. Thank you, Jo.

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas

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A Girl’s Guide to Office Brocabulary

men at work

men at work

“Adorable” is the word Jennifer Lawrence uses to describe how women in business strive to sound. Wise beyond her years, the actress shared a story on Lenny Letter about how she was chided for speaking plainly to a male colleague. Her essay, a few weeks ago, kicked off a conversation about how “Woman in a Meeting” is a language all its own. Examples from The Washington Post, all of which I am guilty of: “This may be all wrong but…” and “Maybe? I don’t know? How does the room feel?”

Lawrence’s story:

I spoke my mind and gave my opinion in a clear and no-bullshit way …

Read more, right this way —>

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while you were out

The Time & Life building was purpose-built for Henry Luce’s shop in 1959, one of several 45-floor monoliths along 6th Avenue.

Time Inc. has started moving downtown and will be completely out of the building before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve (some 8 blocks away).

Offices are being abandoned with lots of flotsom and jetsom left behind, including these While You Were Out pads I recall with some wistfulness. The choices are charming really — Someone (say who) did/said something (“telephoned” “wants to see you”). Especially outdated is the notion that this Someone “called to see you,” perhaps with some urgency, if so please check.

I filled out a few of these in my day. Never thought I’d be nostalgic about them.


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