Lily tells a funny story about her friend Ari, a kind of Shaggy (as in Scooby Do) character who shambled into the pizza restaurant where she was a counter girl. She gave him a glass of water and a piece of pizza. He wrote a long note on his napkin, calling her a “beacon of positivity.”

She is. I’m not. But now I am charged with what is called on Facebook as the Positivity Challenge, posting 3 things for which I am grateful every day for 5 days. Oof.

Stay tuned.

A beacon of positivity
A beacon of positivity

One thought on “Positivity

  1. The “challenge” is only annoying in concept. Light and easy as action. It’s a bitch, isn’t it, when someone calls you a blessing ( and I do) or to have to choose from among your positive -give thanks moments. Small or large as the case may be. Kind of like having a daughter who is a beacon of positivity. There. One down, sister.

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