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My Fitness Pal

I have a new friend! I call her my fitness pal. At the end of our first week of paling around, I am amazed by her vast nutritional knowledge. She knows the calorie count of every food! She knows how many calories are burned by every activity! It’s almost like she has a database for a brain!

But now, as our friendship progresses, I realize it’s kind of one-sided. I am compelled to tell her everything I eat and drink and input every minute I exercise. She sends me brisk little reminders and stern admonitions about drinking more water and – shocker — less wine. She knows my weight-loss goals and on a particularly indulgent day she’ll say, disappointedly: If every day were like today, you would gain 4 pounds after 5 weeks.

My fitness pal is being a little bitch.

Also, who knew even modest portions of hummus and lentils and guacamole have more calories than a nice ham sandwich?


My Fitness Pal
My Fitness Pal

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