a star for another sky

One time — make that every time — in yoga class, Rebecca asked us to empty our minds of thought. Goes without saying (but there I said it anyway) that this served as an open invitation to all thoughts, no matter how random.

I tried to ask my thoughts to take a seat, wait a spell, I’d be back in a little while. This was a way of honoring them even while I honored my effort to put them off. And then I started naming them. One was a star for another sky. Another, a dawn for another day. And a song for another bird, a leaf for another tree, a wind for another storm.

Probably makes no sense to anyone but me. But if does serve as a shortcut — one of those keyboard “command shift” tricks — to remind me of a way to approach the task: On my mat I say “a star for another sky” and my mind instantly clears*.

*Not really**

**Not at all.



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