you can call me Aunt Vicky

In a home decor shop in Portland and the song “There she goes” comes on. The lovely and stylish gay sales guy apologizes for singing along.

I say the first thing that comes into my head: It was in The Parent Trap.

“I just watched that movie. I love that movie. I loved the first one too,” says my new friend (is how I think of him now). 

I agree with enthusiasm.

“I just re-watched the old one and I was so horrified at how mean the Dad’s new wife was. And her mother!” he says and then repeats one of the very best lines: “You can call me Aunt Vicky.” 

“Did you know the actress who played the hot new wife in the first movie, played the mean old mom in the second one?”

“No,” says my friend. “You are blowing my mind.” 

This is better said by IMDB: In the original The Parent Trap (1961), Joanna Barners was golddigger Vicki Robinson. 37 years later, she played Vicki Blake, mother of the new golddigger, in the remake The Parent Trap (1998).


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