Monthly Archives: May 2012

worst book ever

I don’t know how to express how cheated and repulsed I felt about this book, dubbed “mommy  porn.” That rubric is condescending but also vile, in that the soi-disant heroine is the age of our daughters. The repetitive phrases “oh jeez” and “holy crap” and “oh my” (often followed by “he’s hot”) were sloppy and just irritating. Her references to “down there” overly coy (this is porn, right?). I had much more fun reading the Amazon reviews. The masses have spoken and they’ve all said yewwww. Order is restored. Now I need a tutorial on how to remove a downloaded book from my  iPad.


It’s faddish, in these marketing circles I run in (around), to replace the word about with around. Let’s ideate around the goal of … We need strategy around communicating with the consumer… Why is this? Around conjures the physical world to me; it seems place-based whereas about stays in the notional world.

Marketing jargon is heinous although sometimes unavoidable (hello, leverage). Not in this case.


When there’s money to throw around, it’s hard to keep it simple (I imagine this to be so, anyway). So I admire the restraint — very British in itself —of the Great campaign. I first saw Culture is Great in the tunnel to trains off Madison Avenue and thought it was about as clever as Summer is Hot or Rain is Wet. But then the repetition of whatever it is one might like to do or see — Shopping, Nature — as Great struck me as just right. Just Great.

yes we can

People complain, but apologetically, about the rainy morning. “But we really can’t complain,” they say to which I want to say “Yes we can.”