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Morning commute

So much better. Clear of head, buoyed of spirit, reading the New York Times the old-fashioned way, with newsprint smudging my hands. I file this post under places, but it’s really no place, neither here nor there. In transit, which is where I spend a lot of time. Here’s an attempt to capture the best piece of it, a harbor in Greenwich, as I rattle by.


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The ride home

Looking for hope and good will on this dreary January evening. Not to be found among the unfurled umbrellas blossoming without heed to others’ heads and hats and eyes. Nor along the train tunnels, smelling of damp and scorched fuel. The sky-blue Tiffany billboards, posted before the holidays, look shopworn. The first car I try smells, unforgivably, of the bathroom. The next is a bar car, decorated with faux-bois wallpaper, which will have “no scheduled service this evening,” the conductor announces. Are we to hold out hope for impromptu, spontaneous drink pouring? I wedge onto the vinyl-upholstered bench with two others, one with a sinus issues of the nasal sort. January, either you must leave or I will. We cannot coexist.


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sunshine, on a cloudy day

from block island, now four months ago.

block island

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my girl

Lily, Las Vegas


this is how i feel

Ramona makes a big noisy fuss when the occasion warrants it.

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new year’s resolutions for others

to the makers of bagged salad greens: skip the dark “oak” leaves, which spoil quickly and leave the rest of the mix smelling murky and bad. to people who live in my house: stop leaving your dirty dishes in the sink. to my dog: stop all of that excessive and noisy grooming at night, it’s keeping me up. to safari and google and facebook: stop updating all the time, people don’t like change. to the wine-glass manufacturers who affix those sticky labels that are impossible to remove: just stop.

Do these qualify as white girl problems?

so easy to start: no alcohol, no caffeine, no meat, no dairy, no wheat, no processed foods. no problem. targeting 21 days. this morning i had soy chai latte on a cafe table with the word different written on it. different would be good.


cleanse day 1