those are marshmallow clouds being friendly

weirdest christmas carol lyrics ever?

…in the arms of the evergreen tree

wait, what?

…and the sun is red, like a pumpkin head

pumpkins are orange, generally speaking

it’s shining so your nose won’t freeze

i see, the object here is to rhyme, not make sense. I can do that: bat. hat. knat.

it’s a yum, yum world in the winter

a word can even rhyme with itself, apparently

take a walk with your favorite girl

no awkward segues needed, just plow right along

it’s a sugar date, it’s a whipped cream day, in winter it’s a marshmallow world

girl, world, even near rhymes count: roy blount, emily blunt, allen funt

what a world


in winter it’s a marshmallllllllllllow 

why am i killing myself trying to write/sell a novel when even really stupid lyrics are loved by everyone, if the tight rotation for this song on retail stores’ playlists is any indication of popularity



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